Photographer Doing Better

Yellowstone National Park – A wildlife photographer, mauled by a
grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park, is listed in fair
condition after seven hours of emergency surgery.
Fifty-seven-year-old Jim Cole of Bozeman, Montana, had the
surgery yesterday to repair his severely clawed face. He's
recovering at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.
Family friend Rich Berman says Cole is unable to speak, and is
breathing through a ventilator and being fed through a tube.
Park officials says Cole was photographing bears Wednesday. He
was hiking alone, off trail, when a female with a single cub
attacked. Berman says the bear hit Cole twice on the head and face
with its claws. Cole had bear pepper spray with him, but it isn't
known if he used it.
It was the second time Cole was mauled by a grizzly.
The first was in 1993, in Montana's Glacier National Park.