Pipeline project set to begin

Casper, WY – Texas-based Denbury Resources is poised to begin construction on a carbon dioxide pipeline in Fremont and Natrona Counties.
Called the Greencore Pipeline, it will deliver C-O-2 to oil fields in Wyoming and Montana, where it will be used to force out hard-to-reach oil.
The University of Wyoming's Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute Director David Mohrbacher said this pipeline is significant because techniques using C-O-2 are driving a good deal of Wyoming's oil production.
"Twelve percent of Wyoming's oil production last year came from enhanced oil recovery which is mostly production that results from carbon dioxide produced by Exxon Mobil."
Exxon built the Shute Creek carbon dioxide pipeline in the 1980s. Mohrbacher said the Greencore Pipeline could potentially move twice what the Exxon line does.
If federal regulators move quickly to approve the project, Denbury Resources officials say the line could be completed by November.