Poachers Busy in 2003

Laramie, Wy – A Wyoming Game Warden says this was a bad year for poaching in the state. John Lund says they haven't totaled all the cases to find out if it was the worst in history, but he says there were a lot of incidents that stand out.
Lund says one of them took place in Jackson when a man killed 11 elk. This is considered a thrill killing because the man just opened fire on the herd and did it to watch the animals die. Lund says this is one of the most hideous examples of poaching in recent history.
He says they did catch the suspected perpetrator. But, he notes several other thrill killings are unsolved. One case took place recently when someone killed three trophy deer on their winter range. All they took were the antlers.
Another person shot three bull moose and left them to die.