Poison Baits Found Inside Town of Jackson

Jackson, WY – The poisoning of dogs in Jackson Hole has taken a new turn. Authorities have two confirmed cases and a possible third where meat laced with poison has been found inside the Town of Jackson. A total of 21 dogs have been poisoned in this way in Wyoming and Idaho with eight dying. Additionally, foxes, coyotes, and moose may have also been killed by the poison baits. Darren Rudd is an animal control officer with the Teton County Sheriff's Department. Rudd says finding the poison within city-limits changes what they think motive may be. Originally it was believed that the baits were left out for wolves. Now that this has come into town, Rudd says that's not necessarily the case. He believes it may be part of it, but not exclusively that. Rudd says it's always possible that whoever's responsible is trying to throw authorities off track. He says they are looking into that possibility. As for the overall investigation, Rudd says it's moving forward in a positive direction, but slowly. A reward of nearly $20,000 is being offered for information in these cases.