Police are investigating 2 possible sexual assaults at UW

Laramie, WY – The University of Wyoming says it has received two reports of sexual assault at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house. The first alleged assault is said to have taken place on September 19th. The second is said to have happened last weekend, on October 9th. University spokeswoman Jessica Lowell says both alleged victims have remained anonymous. Lowell says the U-W Police Department learned of the allegations after reports were made and physical evidence was gathered at Ivinson Memorial Hospital.
"In Albany County victims of sexual assault are able to go to the hospital and undergo a sexual assault examination. And evidence can be collected to be turned over to the police agency in the jurisdiction where the assault is alleged to have taken place."
Lowell says the department has no information implicating a particular fraternity brother, and that Sigma Alpha Epsilon is cooperating with the investigation. U-W is encouraging anyone with information about the alleged assaults to call the UW Police Department, or fill out the Silent Witness form on the UW Police Department's web page.