Power lines could be a solution for Pinedale Ozone

Sep 5, 2012

An official with the Bureau of Land Management says one 24 mile long power line, and two additional lines stretching 15 miles in length will take a big step forward in resolving problems with Ozone in Sublette County. 

Ozone issues attributed to energy development has caused health concerns surrounding the Pinedale Anticline.  The B-L-M’s Bill Wadsworth says the power lines will allow energy companies to convert some of their facilities from internal combustion engines and generators to electric power and that should reduce pollution.

 “This project will address the Ozone issues in that it will reduce nitrogen oxides by 54 tons and volatile organic compounds by 40 tons per year.”

Wadsworth says that is a significant reduction.  He says his agency worked with industry, the Department of Environmental Quality and Pacificorp to devise the project. 

“It will definitely help with the air quality issues up here, so it is definitely exciting in that sense that anything that we can do to help reduce the Ozone is definitely a positive for the entire Green River Valley.”

Wadsworth says the project should not have any negative impact on the environment or wildlife in the area.  Construction will begin soon.