Power Shift Unlikely in Wyoming Legislature

Cheyenne, WY – Republicans currently outnumber Democrats
nearly three-to-one in the state Legislature. And neither political party predicts this fall's elections will result in a change in the balance of power in the Wyoming Legislature.

But leaders on both sides say they expect Democrats may gain a few seats because the party is fielding more candidates.

Democratic candidates are competing in 36 of the House races in the August primary, up from 27 races two years ago.

Ten of the 16 Senate races this year drew only a single candidate from either party, meaning those candidates stand to be elected without facing opposition unless they face a write-in candidate. Of those unopposed Senate candidates, eight are Republican and two are Democrats.

In the House, 29 out of 60 races have drawn only a single candidate, also giving those candidates a free pass to office. Of those unopposed candidates, 20 are Republicans and nine are Democrats.