Praise for pipeline

Laramie, WY – The governor and the owners of the new Rockies Express natural gas pipeline celebrated the completion of the 16-thousand mile project today (Tuesday). The line runs from Colorado...through Wyoming...and on to Ohio. It began operating this fall, and since then, the price Wyoming producers have received for natural gas has been much closer to what producers in the Gulf States receive. Mark Doelger the former chairman of the Wyoming Pipeline Authority says that's largely due to the pipeline.
"We have accessed new and higher value markets. Companies aren't competing as much for pipeline space."
The Governor says throughout his term, he's aimed to get Wyoming natural gas further east.
The president of the Rockies Express Pipeline, Doug Walker, says the new pipeline heads toward an area in Appalachia that is now beginning to produce its own natural gas. The area is called the Marcellus Shale. Walker says that means they will compete with gas produced in that area, but he says there is a lot of demand along the eastern seaboard.
"We're delivering into a constrained pipeline grid that is trying to take gas away from there and we've seen that every time we open up service in a new leg we see our pipeline gets filled up pretty much as far east as it can go."