Prince of Monaco to visit Cody

Sep 17, 2013

Prince Albert II of Monaco will be visiting Cody, Wyoming this week.

Thursday Marks the 100th Anniversary of Prince Albert I’s trip to Wyoming, during which he hunted and camped with Buffalo Bill Cody.

During his visit, the prince will be presenting the inaugural Camp Monaco prize to Dr. Arthur Middleton and Joe Riis to fund their study of the area’s elk migration. The grant is provided by the University of Wyoming’s Biodiversity Institute, the Prince Albert Foundation’s United States branch, and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

The Camp Monaco Prize is named after the camp in which the current prince’s great-great grandfather stayed with Buffalo Bill.

The prize is meant to be ecological in nature, says Marguerite House, public relations director for the Buffalo Bill Center for the West.

“The idea was to have a scientific grant that has to do with biodiversity study in the greater Yellowstone area.” said House.

The prince will make several appearances in Cody, but the only one open to the public will be his Thursday morning tour of the galleries at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.