Prisoners Get Plenty of Free Health Care

Laramie, WY – Officials at the Wyoming Department of Corrections say inmates generally leave prison healthier than when they first arrived.
From hearing aides, to eyeglasses, inmates locked up in Wyoming prisons get some of the most affordable healthcare in the state. A for-profit company called Prison Health Services provides the care, which includes for some inmates an appointment every three months to control seizures, asthma, or high cholesterol. Anne Cybulski-Sandlian monitors private care for the state. She says all medical attention is free for inmates, and keeping them in good health is actually an investment in the future. "Our goal is to return the offenders to the community as active, healthy participants and therefore reduce the need of service programs," she says.

The department spent about 13-million dollars on inmate health this fiscal year. That's expected to go up about 10 percent in next budget.