Problem Wolf Killed

Laramie, Wy – A male wolf that killed four cows southwest of Cody has been removed from its pack and destroyed.
A female with pups was left behind.
Federal wildlife officials are hoping the attacks on cattle in
the area -- near Carter Mountain -- will stop.
Five other wolves in the region have been removed this year.
They included a male wolf in the Owl Creek range near Meeteetse, three wolves from the Washakie Pack near Dubois and
another near Green River Lakes, all for cattle depredation.
In a recent development, officials confirmed a wolf killed a calf in the Sunlight Basin area.
One of the wolves from the Absaroka pack was captured, outfitted with a radio-tracking collar and released.
The pack will be electronically monitored, and if more problems occur, one or more wolves will be removed.