Progress being made on Casper Fire

Sep 13, 2012

Officials say the Sheep Herder Hill fire on Casper Mountain is about 50 percent contained.

Officials also say there was a lot more damage then previously thought. They have counted 36 homes and cabins destroyed by the wildfire burning on Casper Mountain. The number is a big jump from the seven confirmed earlier this week.

But fire spokesman Pat McJunkin says firefighters weren't able to get into the burned area until Wednesday to make a more accurate count.   In addition, they counted 16 outbuildings destroyed.
The Sheep Herder Hill Fire has been less active the past couple of days because of cooler, more humid weather. It's holding steady at nearly 25 square miles and is now 50 percent contained.
 Some people evacuated by the fire have been allowed to return home.  Six people are using a shelter set up by the Red Cross.