Project Sets Goals for Jackson Hole's Legacy

Laramie, Wy – A project in Jackson Hole has established some ideas of the legacy people there want to leave behind. The effort dubbed Sustaining Jackson Hole started a year ago. It involved over 100 volunteers. They came up with goals for the community and ways to find out if they are meeting them.
One of the organizers is Jonathan Schecter. He is the executive director of the Charture Institute. Schecter says he was struck by how much people care about Jackson, but he says people often do not have anywhere to direct that passion. He says this ends up causing a lot of fights and situations where people try and stop something and channel the energy into negative efforts rather than positive directions. But, this project allows people to celebrate the community.
The project split people into 12 areas of interest from the arts to transportation. Each group established statements of ideals for their area of interest. Schecter says these can be used to guide the community forward.