Pronghorn & Fremont Lake - Pinedale

Jun 25, 2013

The drive to Pinedale from US-HWY 189 or US HWY 191 is along one of the greatest migrations in North America.  Each fall and spring, 300-400 Pronghorn migrate 170 miles from their summer birthing grounds in Grand Teton National Park to their winter grounds in Pinedale, Wyoming.  This great migration, named by biologists as the “Path of the Pronghorn” is remarkable and one of the last long-distance animal migrations in the world.

Not far from the migration route, Fremont Lake is a must when passing through Pinedale.  A 3.5 mile drive on Fremont Lake Road/Skyline Drive welcomes you to the rolling foothills and backdrop of Wind River Mountain’s spectacular peaks. Fremont Lake is 12 miles long, half a mile wide, and 600 feet deep, making it Wyoming's second largest lake and one of America's deepest.  This stunning example of glacial geology was named for explorer John C. Fremont (1813-1890). It should come as no surprise that Fremont Lake is the recreational hub of Pinedale.  It’s a beautiful, pristine and an undeveloped destination that offers easy access to outdoor activities summer and winter and is a focal point for popular annual events.

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