Proposal To Increase Speed Limits Passes

Mar 4, 2014

Texas 80 mph speed limit sign
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Wyoming Senate has given final approval to a bill that will allow people to drive 80 miles per hour legally on certain sections of the state’s highways.  Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau said the idea came to him from a constituent who noticed similar laws had been approved in Texas and in Utah.

“And I started looking at the statistics and found that the statistics show that the fatalities have either not increased or they decreased both in Utah or Texas," Lubnau says. "And it just allows people to go 80 miles an hour in those places where it’s safe to do that.”

Some in the law enforcement fear that this will encourage people to drive up to 85 in those stretches which could lead to more unsafe driving.  Lubnau countered that other states have not had problems.