Prosecuting Attorneys Need More Money

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming hasn't increased the amount it pays counties to cover the cost of criminal prosecutions in 25 years. Now, the head of the Wyoming County and Prosecuting Attorneys Association wants the Legislature to approve more spending.
Mike Greer is Uinta County Attorney and president of the association president. He told members of the Joint Appropriations Committee in Cheyenne this week that the 21 Wyoming counties that rely on county attorneys to serve as prosecutors haven't seen an increase in the state's funding formula since 1981.
Laramie and Natrona counties have state-funded district attorney's offices that Greer said have seen regular increases in state funding.
Greer says county attorneys' offices need more state money to keep up with cases from the state methamphetamine epidemic, and in order to offer competitive salaries to lawyers.
Laramie State Senator Philip A. Nicholas says he plans to sponsor a bill to address the issue in the legislative budget session that begins next month.