Public Transit Use Way Up In Wyoming

Mar 13, 2014

A new report by the American Public Transportation Program shows that public transit use across the nation is on the rise, including in Wyoming.  Jackson racked up its largest ridership ever this winter. Ridership on Cheyenne buses has increased as well. Joe Dougherty is director of the Cheyenne Transit Program. He says ridership has increased about 10 percent a year since 2006 to a high of almost 300,000 people in 2013.  Dougherty says seniors and those with disabilities use the system regularly, and so do others.

“Younger people are using it and it allows them to get to their destination and use their electronics devices while they’re getting there,” Dougherty says.  “We’re seeing more young people going to the community college that are riding the bus that, you know--what, ten years ago?-- would have been driving their cars.”

Dougherty says new residents moving to Cheyenne from urban centers expect reliable public transportation, and know how to use it.  The Cheyenne Transit Program is considering how to expand their schedule in the near future to make bus routes faster and reach even more people.