Raft Hit A Root

Jackson, Wy – Grand Teton National Park officials say a
rafting accident that killed three people on the Snake River
happened when the raft hit the root end of a tree that had lodged
in a channel of the river.
Park officials say the Snake River splits into three narrow
channels where last Friday's accident took place.
The tree was lodged in the middle channel. But park officials
say it was difficult for anyone in the raft to get a clear view
downstream until the boat had fully entered that channel.
Once the raft hit the tree's roots, the flow of the river pushed
the boat vertically. The boat then tipped on its side and the
passengers fell into the river.
The accident killed 58-year-old Elizabeth Rizas and 63-year-old
John Rizas, both of Beaufort, South Carolina, as well as
69-year-old Linda Clark, of Shreveport, Louisiana.
Nine other passengers were rescued from the water.
The raft was guided by the Grand Teton Lodge Company, a park