Rancher Goes to Wash., D.C. for Reciprocal Visit

Laramie, WY – A rancher from northwest Wyoming got a chance to see how the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service operates in Washington D.C. and he says he came away hopeful about the future. Jack Turnell of Meteeste made the trip to the department's headquarters earlier this month as part of an exchange program called Walk a Mile in My Boots. Turnell's trip came after a top Fish and Wildlife official spent a week on his ranch in June. Turnell says he sees hope in compromise between the government and ranchers. "Someday we'll see the light and that light is in the middle of the road. I think we can all live together and do a lot of good things. But you're not going to do it on the fringes, radicals on either end," he said. For example, Turnell says he's proud that he was able to help the government save the black-footed ferret when the endangered animal was found on his ranch in 1981.