Ranchers Skeptical About Carbon Credits

Cheyenne, WY – Some Wyoming ranchers are expressing skepticism about using their land to help fight global warming.
Most of the ranchers attending a workshop this week thought that capturing carbon dioxide through grass on their pastures was a way to benefit someone else, not them.
The idea of capturing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and storing carbon in the soil is relatively new.
The technique seeks to provide a solution for global warming and financially reward ranchers who would keep their grazing pastures in good shape in order to capture that carbon. In exchange, ranchers would get credits depending on the size of their land.
But only those who have a grazing plan would qualify for the program. The plan would require the ranchers to watch out for overgrazing so that the grass is long enough to store carbon.
The workshop in Gillette was hosted by the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Office.