Raspberry deLight Farms - Shoshoni

Jan 27, 2016

Raspberry deLight Farms was established in 1999. With the prices of conventional crops being stagnant and costs of production rising, they started looking into specialty crops that the owners could raise on their farm in Hidden Valley that would make a better living for their family. After much research and prayer, they decided to raise red raspberries. The first raspberries were planted in the spring of 1999. The weather was good and they got an excellent stand that first year.

A lot of people like red raspberries and you couldn’t buy them very fresh from stores in Wyoming. The crop has a short shelf life, so it is hard to keep them fresh. The first and most important goal when Raspberry deLight started was to provide high quality fresh raspberries to customers in the State of Wyoming. They strive to keep that goal. The owners want their customers to be fully satisfied.

Raspberry deLight Farms had some berries the first year, but didn’t really start selling the berries commercially until the fall of 2000. In the fall of 2003 they had so much fruit that they couldn’t sell all of the berries fresh, so they purchased some packaging and started freezing some of the berries to market in the winter time. The frozen berries sold well, but they still had lots of berries going to waste. That is when they came up with the idea of freezing more of the soft berries and turning them into raspberry jam for a value added product.

In the winter of 2004 they installed the commercial kitchen to produce raspberry jam. After the kitchen was completed and they got State and Federal licenses, they started working up recipes for raspberry products. The raspberries they use in products are all hand-picked and sorted so they are assured of quality fruit. They began producing and marketing their products in July of 2004. In the original product line they had four products to sell.  As they started reaching the market through Farmers Markets and the Raspberry deLight on-farm store, they had requests for other types of raspberry products. The farm started working with their recipes and packaging, and now they have 18 different raspberry products to offer. As trends change, the farm tries to develop new products for their line.

During fresh season, they offer u-pick raspberries and sweet corn. U-pick has become more popular every year as families have discovered that it gives the family and opportunity to do something together. The season runs from mid-August until mid-October. They have people come from all over the State of Wyoming to pick their own berries and sweet corn. It is a fun and unique experience for the young and old alike. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the raspberry field and take in the view of the Owl Creek Mountains.

After the fresh season is done, they transition into the gift box season. Raspberry deLight puts their product in decorative gift boxes and offers them for Christmas gifts. They make all kinds of gift boxes and baskets. They offer shipping and can send them nationwide. The gift boxes were a nice addition to the business.

Raspberry deLight would like to thank all of their customers for helping them to achieve their goals and look forward to serving their customers in the future.

For more information, visit the Raspberry deLight website.