Rawlins High School Construction Over Budget

Jul 11, 2014

The construction of a new Rawlins High School is delayed—and some in the community are angry—after recent bids by subcontractors put the project $7 million dollars over budget.

Rawlins High School
Credit Aaron Schrank/WPR

The State’s School Facilities Department oversees school construction projects in the state. The Department says the high bid is the result of construction labor shortages and adds that it will work with Rawlins to cut costs.

Carbon County School District One Superintendent Fletcher Turcato says a flawed school funding model is to blame.  He says the community is not prepared to make 25 percent cuts to the new high school.

“This project is almost four years overdue, from digging a hole,” Turcato says. “Rawlins people in the community feel—really feel like —when it comes to the state and these types of projects, that we do take a second seat to Natrona, Cheyenne, and other counties and cities.”

The School District will meet with the School Facilities Department on Friday morning to discuss a way forward.