Rawlins Proposes Trade with Department of Corrections

Laramie, Wy – The city of Rawlins is offering water, sewer and landfill service to the Department of Corrections in exchange for inmate labor around the community.
The proposal would save the state an estimated 200-thousand dollars a year in utility costs.
The idea has been submitted as part of Rawlins' bid to get a medium-security prison built alongside the existing State Penitentiary.
Under the proposal, inmates would work on landscaping, weed control, housing rehabilitation and general property maintenance.
They would also help build modular affordable housing within the penitentiary complex.
The maximum-security prison's utility bills add up to about 100-thousand dollars a year.
If Rawlins lands the 650-bed medium security prison, city officials estimate that figure would double. They also calculate that 25 inmates working 25 hours per week at six-dollars an hour would provide about 200-thousand dollars a year in labor.