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May 30, 2014

WPR Frequency Listing
WPR Frequency Listing

Reception / Off-the-Air Conditions:

FM Analog Radio:

6/10/15. Wyoming Public Radio's Afton signal is back on the air, but at lower power. Engineers are addressing the issue. (fm 91.3)

Wyoming Public Radio is experiencing network-wide intermittent satellite outages. Engineers are addressing the issue.

HD-high definition radio:

Rock Springs / Green River (90.5) :

NOTE:  90.5 Rock Springs / Green River / Sweetwater county is back to normal. Just to let everyone in the area know: We will be making major improvements to this site over the next year including new transmission equipment. We will also be adding HD Radio to this area. The main goal is to provide stable transmission to this area. I apologize for the outages we have had there. This is a high power site with some aging equipment. Between the age of the transmitting equipment and a summertime lightning strike it has been a problem. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions or are experiencing a signal issue not listed here, please contact us at 307-766-4265 or e-mail

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