Reforms To Medicare And Social Security Will Impact Many In Wyoming

Nov 15, 2012

A recent survey from A-A-R-P shows most people in Wyoming agree that some changes are needed to keep Social Security and Medicare viable and available for generations to come.  

But what should those changes look like.  Panelists will discuss the possibilities tonight on the Wyoming PBS program “Wyoming Perspectives.”

A-A-R-P Wyoming director Tim Summers will be one of the panelists answering viewer questions.  He says making changes to Social Security can be tricky business.

"You know, bottom line is, 67,000 people in Wyoming over the age of 65 are on Social Security. That contributes a huge about to the state’s economy, et cetera."

Summers  says nearly 96 percent of Wyoming seniors use Medicare coverage, and 93 percent receive Social Security.

"In a rural state like Wyoming, because we have many so people

who were ranchers, farmers, or employed by small business, Social Security has become the main safety net."

Tonight’s program will be broadcast on Wyoming PBS at seven and features panelists that include an economist from the University of Wyoming, a financial security expert from A-A-R-P and a representative from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.  It will be hosted by Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck.