With Rent Prices Up, Housing Advocates Seek Solutions

Sheridan, WY – Much like new home costs rental costs have exploded across the state and it is not unusual for renters to have to pay over a thousand dollars a month. The issue is a topic of discussion at a housing conference in Sheridan and finding a solution is a challenge. Most communities are telling developers they need rental units to attract new employees to their town. But developers counter by saying it is difficult to keep costs down. According to Forest Neuerberg of the Wyoming Housing Network rising costs of land and materials make it tough to build units and charge much less then a thousand dollars a month. Neurberg says that is fine with some communities but that keeps many workers from being able to rent. In Gillette, officials say many of those people are currently living in homeless shelters. Neurberg says Wyoming may need to get creative and use some outside funding to find a solution. Neurberg says that way communities can get over the sigma attatched to low income housing.