Report: Snowmobiles Getting Better, But Still Too Loud in Yellowstone

Laramie, WY – Snowmobiles and snow coaches in Yellowstone National Park are still noisier at times than limits established by park officials.

A draft report on wintertime noise in Yellowstone says the consistently loudest spots last winter were near Old Faithful, and along the groomed road between Madison Junction and the West Entrance.

The Park Service study says conditions are quieter than in years past, but says more should be done to reduce noise in the winter.

Options include reducing speed limits, phasing out two-stroke snowmobiles used by Park Service and concession employees, and doing something about the older, louder Bombardier snowcoaches still in use.

Spokesman Al Nash says those ideas will be considered, as the Park Service develops a final long-term plan meant to govern winter recreation in the park.