Republican Candidate for Governor Announces Policy Plan

Laramie, Wy – Gubernatorial hopeful Ray Hunkins announced Thursday that he would not allow his family members to receive money to lobby state government if elected. His daughter has lobbied in the past, but he says if that continued it would create an appearance of impropriety.
Current governor Dave Freudenthal's wife and brother have lobbied for businesses and governmental agencies. But, Freudenthal says neither received any favoritism since he took office and his wife even lost work. He says this attack is driven by Hunkins and the Republican Party chair and he doesn't think many other Republicans support this tactic. And he thinks this is a departure from normal politics in Wyoming.
The governor says he would prefer to talk about issues and not attacks like this. Hunkins says he is not criticizing Freudenthal, but set up a press conference to respond to questions he's received.