Republicans Debate Immigration

Riverton, Wy – Last night Republicans competing for Wyoming's seat in the House of Representatives laid out their positions on the lack of temporary workers in Wyoming. During a debate in Riverton broadcast on Wyoming Public Radio and Public T-V, candidate Cynthia Lummis gave her stance on immigration.
"We need to crack down on illegal immigration at the same time that we increase temporary visas, and the H-2A and H-2B and student visas are temporary visas."
Candidate Mark Gordon of Buffalo said he also favors more temporary workers.
"As a member of Congress I would make sure that we issued more visas, but also that they were tamper-proof, legal and traceable, and make sure that these visas would be on a timely basis." Former Naval officer Bill Winney says the government should implement a system that confirms an immigrant's work status so that business owners don't have to guess. The Republican candidates for U-S House will face each other in a primary election on August 19th.