Republicans Will Keep Control of Legislature

Cheyenne, Wy – Republicans are mathematically guaranteed to keep a significant majority over Democrats in the Wyoming Senate
this fall.
And while it is technically possible that Republicans could lose their majority in the House, it is unlikely based on the affiliations of those who filed to seek office before Friday's deadline.
Republicans outnumber Democrats 20 to ten in the Senate and 45
to 15 in the House.
Sixteen Senate seats are up for election this year.
In the six races in which both a Democrat and a Republican filed
for office, each party holds three seats. As a result, the G-O-P majority could grow to as large as 23 to seven or shrink to 17 to
Twenty-seven House races have only Republican candidates. That
assures the party a working base four seats shy of a majority.
In a best-case scenario for Republicans, the party's majority
could swell to 51 to nine. If Democrats won every House race in
which they have a candidate, they would take control of the House
33 to 27.