Rita Meyer says no need to hurry into a health care lawsuit

Laramie, Wy – Republican gubernatorial candidate Rita Meyer says the reason she does not currently favor having the state sue over the recently passed health care bill, is because there are things in the bill that could benefit Wyoming. Meyer notes that Wyoming's health care costs continue to rise and many would benefit from this bill. She admits that the process used to pass the bill may be flawed as are some parts of the legislation. But Meyer also thinks they may be able to fix the problems.
"I am not going to cause the people of Wyoming to be involved in a lawsuit that may not be in their best interest. Lawsuits cost money they take time. I would like to see us work within the system to improve health care quality and access for the people of Wyoming."
Meyer notes that there is a lot of time to digest the law to offer changes .and to determine if there are things Wyoming could do better on its own. But she adds that if a lawsuit is needed at a later date, they always have the option of filing one.