Roadless Appeal Denied

Cheyenne, Wy – The state of Wyoming has lost its request
to revive a court order that struck down a Clinton-era ban on
logging and other development on (m) millions of acres of national
forest lands nationwide.
U-S District Judge Clarence Brimmer in Cheyenne has denied the
state's request to reinstate his 2003 injunction against the
Clinton administration's roadless rule.
The rule was enacted in the final days of the Clinton
administration in 2001. It placed more than 50 (m) million acres of
federal land off-limits for new road construction and other
Brimmer had ruled in 2003 that the Clinton rule was void because
it violated federal law.
The Bush administration enacted a new roadless rule, but another
federal judge in California recently reinstated the Clinton rule.
In his ruling, Judge Brimmer questions how the California court
could resurrect the Clinton Roadless Rule that he struck down.
Wyoming likely will now take its case to the Tenth Circuit
Court. The state has already filed a new lawsuit against the
roadless rule should the first case not succeed.