Roscoe wins again

Alpine, Wy – It took awhile, but Democrat Jim Roscoe is Wyoming's newest legislator. Roscoe won a re-vote in Alpine for the vacant house district 22 seat by 157 votes more then enough to defeat Charles Stough. A revote was necessary after some people improperly voted in district 22. Roscoe won despite the district being heavily Republican,but he was able to win a lot of people over. "I am a conservative democrat and it just took a lot of explaining to people. So, everyday after work I went to 10 or 15 houses and told them that I am a fiscal conservative and that they didn't have to worry about their guns being taken away."
In fact, one of Roscoe's disappointments is that he did not get his Elk this year, since he had to spend extra time campaigning.