S. Korean Teen Attacked by Female Moose

Grand Teton, WY – A 16-year-old boy from South Korea was kicked in the head by a female moose Tuesday after reportedly getting within 10 feet of the animal and her two newborn
calves to try to take photographs.
According to a National Park Service press release issued today (Wednesday), the boy was transported by ambulance to Saint John's Medical Center in Jackson. The medical center declined to release
The Park Service press release states the agency didn't name the boy because he is a minor. Joan Anzelmo, spokeswoman for the park, said Wednesday she didn't have information about the boy's condition.
The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon near the Colter Bay Visitor Center. Although the boy tried to run away when the female moose came after him, the moose soon caught him and kicked him.
The Park Service states that visitors should always stay at least 30 yards from moose, elk and bison and at least 100 yards away from bears. Visitors should also be careful not to get between
an adult animal and its young.