Sale of state land gets approval from top officials

Laramie, WY – After trying for 50 years, Wyoming's state lands board has agreed to sell state owned property in Grand Teton National Park to the federal government. The legislature still needs to sign off on the deal, before it is finalized. The state would gradually sell the parcels, which make up two square miles, to the federal government over a four year time period. Governor Dave Freudenthal says the sale is designed to sell the most attractive pieces of land last. He says he is thrilled to see this issue move towards a resolution, "I don't know how many different lease and swap proposals have come about. And I think this is the first time we have a route forward. It's not perfect. And like anything else in the government it is subject to available funds."
But, Freudenthal says it benefits the state and keeps the land accessible to the public. The legislature will consider the issue in January.