Saratoga Museum

Aug 1, 2013

The Saratoga Museum is a delight for all ages. Located in Saratoga, Wyoming, nestled between the Snowy Range and Sierra Madre Mountains, the Saratoga Museum has one of the largest geology collections in Wyoming.

Bison bones discovered at The Casper Site are also a part of the museum's collection. Long-time board member Rod Laird was one of the discoverer's of the site. Laird has been the driving force behind the museum for the last 20 years and he held the first World Atatl Atatl contest.

The museum is located in a 1915 train depot, which was donated to the museum by Union Pacific in the 1980s. The railroad was a large part of the early history of Saratoga, which included a line between Encampment and Saratoga.

Two rooms in the museum feature railroad history, the train room and the conductor's room. Many artifacts have been donated to the museum by Union Pacific employees and collectors to give the visitor an idea of what is was life was like in the late 1800s, early 1900s.

A homestead room includes several artifacts from the late 19th century were donated by families of homesteaders in the area. Visitors can dress up in period costume and have their photo taken for a small donation.

The lower level of the museum has a myriad of collections from ranchers’ saddles to beauty shop supplies. The lower level also features the original bar from the Hotel Wolf. Over 3,000 artifacts have been donated to the museum over the last 40 years, including a large collection of wildlife mounts, which can be seen at Valley Foods just up the street from the Saratoga Museum.

Mary Kay Walker, the second person to serve the state as Miss Wyoming Rodeo, donated her chaps to the museum last year and they are on display at the museum.

A caboose, an ore cart, sheep wagon, blacksmith shop and school bell sit on the grounds of the museum. The grounds also include a beautiful pavilion perfect for concerts, weddings and reunions. Also on the grounds is the memorial garden, which is dedicated to past supporters of the Saratoga Museum.

The museum is located at 101 Constitution Ave., across the street from the airport and open Thursday through Monday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  To tour the museum by appointment, call 307-326-5511. For more information about the museum, visit .