Saratoga Sawmill Still Idle

Saratoga, WY – There was some minor movement last week involving a Saratoga sawmill that has sat empty for over two years now. Intermountain Resources owns the mill, and paid over $20,000 worth of delinquent taxes on the property last week. But that isn't necessarily reason to think the company will re-open the facility, according to Mike Glode, the chairman of a Saratoga economic development group. Glode says Intermountain Resources hasn't been in contact recently with anyone in town. Glode says a March e-mail he sent to the Intermountain President has still not been answered. So at this point, he believes there is no reason to think the company is actually interested in re-opening the sawmill. Glode thinks the fact that Intermountain Resources paid off its taxes isn't necessarily a positive indication. Instead he points to the delinquent taxes as an indication of how little the company is paying attention to this property. Intermountain Resources President Chris Meyers did not return calls for comment on this story.