Scholarship Program Having Negative Effects

Laramie, WY – Wyoming education officials say that high school students and their families are trying to come up with ways to get the most money possible out of Wyoming's Hathaway Scholarship program.
The program offers scholarships based on grades and A-C-T scores to graduating high school students who attend the University of Wyoming or the state's community colleges. The scholarships range from 800 dollars up to 16-hundred dollars a semester.
State Representative Debbie Hammons, a Democrat from Worland, said some people in her community are advising students to take the easiest possible courses to keep their grades high for the scholarship program.
And Kay Post of the Wyoming Department of Education said she has heard of students who have done well on the A-C-T test but have poor grades who are considering dropping out of high school. That would let them take the G-E-D exam to get around the scholarship's grade point average requirement.