School Board To Reconsider Drug Testing

Casper, Wy – The Natrona County school board is taking
another look at a proposal to require all job applicants to take
drug tests.
The board considered the policy in January but put off adopting
it until it could hear more comments on the idea and do more
Teachers in the school district object to the proposal, saying
it could open the school district to legal challenges. And the
school board appears divided on the issue.
One school board member, Donn McCall, says he's concerned that
drug testing would violate applicants' right to privacy. But board
member Suzanne Sandoval says she's interested in limiting the
district's liability and avoiding hiring drug users.
She says she doesn't want the district to be a major employer in
town that isn't testing.
Some 170 employers in the Casper area test workers for drug use
either at hiring or at random during employment.