School District Official Fired

Torrington, Wy – The Goshen County school board has fired
the district's business manager after he was found guilty for a scam in which copy machines were paid for but never delivered.
A jury in Cheyenne found Robert Childs guilty last Wednesday of
three counts of wire fraud and one of mail fraud.
Prosecutors say Childs struck a deal five years ago with
co-defendant Joseph Cherry, Junior, who owned a photocopier
business in Cheyenne. Under the deal, Cherry secured financing for
17 copiers that weren't delivered.
Prosecutors say Cherry pocketed 400-thousand dollars when Childs
told the company he had received the copiers. Meanwhile, Cherry
paid off Childs to keep business in Goshen County.
Last Friday, the school board released a statement saying Childs
was guilty only of being conned by a con man and that it would
retain him as a consultant. But on Monday the school board changed
its mind. It voted to end Childs' conract without retaining him as
a consultant.