School Districts Refuse to Give Money Back

Cheyenne, WY – Eight months ago, Wyoming voters approved Constitutional Amendment B, which directed a handful of wealthy school districts to return their extra property tax collections to the state. But five of the six districts that get so-called "recapture" funds have refused to do so. They're holding on to some 44 (m)
million dollars that the state says it's entitled to. State Superintendent Jim McBride says the five districts in Big
Piney, Gillette, Kemmerer, Pinedale and Shoshoni are withholding money that belongs to the students of Wyoming's schools. Vern McAdams is the business manager for the Pinedale school district. He says the Legislature never changed the state statute to match up with the amendment. Besides, McAdams says, it's not
fair for the state to change the rules in the middle of a fiscal year.