School Officials Say Fire Worried Them

Casper, Wy – A fire at Natrona County High School revealed problems in the school's emergency procedures. No one was hurt in the fire, which is under investigation.
History teacher Bruce Berst and R-O-T-C Sergeant Mack Riggs ran into the boys' locker room to put out a flaming bank of lockers. They couldn't find any fire extinguishers, so they tried to fill buckets with water from the sink. But Berst says the buckets wouldn't fit.
"So our other alternative was to basically turn the showers on in the boy's locker room, and then stand under the shower and fill up the buckets, then take it to the fire, throw it on the fire, and then go back until the fire was extinguished." Wayne Beatty is in charge of training teachers for emergency situations. He says the school will immediately post large signs where the fire extinguishers are located, rather than the small decals that are in place now. Also, the fire department has removed an alarm-delay mechanism that was meant to keep pranksters from interrupting school. Beatty says that delay is unnecessary now, and was counter-productive in the fire today.