Schools look at policies for cell phones

Laramie, WY – The Albany County School District is writing a new cell phone policy. The superintendent of the district Brian Recht says he wants to figure out a way for students to use phones safely but without causing a distraction.
"We want a good classroom environment for our teachers and our students to work in so as these communication devices develop perhaps we should look at it in a different way, as it is a structured way to use cell phones."
Recht says the policy will address how to prevent cell phones from being used for bullying.
The rise of cell phones has put teachers and administrators on the lookout for students who use phones to cheat, take inappropriate pictures and bully through the use of text messages. The principal at Laramie Junior High, Steve Hoff, says they have to teach responsible use of the phones.
"We'd like to say you can't bring them to school, but that's not realistic that is not why parents by them for their kids."
Some schools in the state say students must leave their cell phones in their lockers from the beginning of the school day to the end. Others allow students to carry them around all day, but say they must be off during class.