Search and Rescue volunteer remembered as quiet hero

Feb 22, 2012

More than 400 people filled the Center for the Arts in Jackson on Tuesday to remember Teton County Search and Rescue volunteer Ray Shriver. The 63-year-old died after the helicopter he was riding in crashed on a rescue mission last week.

Search and Rescue Director Tim Ciocarlan described Shriver as a quiet hero, who was instrumental in organizing and training the county's volunteer rescue team.

"Ray joined SAR 19 years ago, he was one of the founding members of our team, and after being involved in over 800 rescues he still had passion for search and rescue," Ciocarlan said. "And our team would not be what it is today without Ray.

Shriver was also instrumental in training and testing search dogs to assist in emergencies. He himself was rescued in 1991 after an avalanche buried him and his 10-year-old son. Ciocarlan said Shriver wanted to help others the way he and his son were helped.