Search For Plane Crash Continues

Laramie,Wy – Searchers tonight (Tuesday) are having a
hard time finding a small plane that is feared to have crashed in
central Wyoming.
Officials say snow and low clouds and an intermittent emergency
beacon from the plane are hampering their efforts to find the plane
in a remote area near the junction of Washakie, Natrona and Johnson
The Federal Aviation Administration says two people were aboard
the single-engine plane that was headed to Casper from Bridger,
Search-and-rescue teams from Washakie, Natrona and Johnson
counties were trying to reach the remote area. Weather conditions
were poor with snow and low clouds -- preventing any immediate
aerial search.
Natrona County Sheriff's Lieutenant Stewart Anderson says the
pilot radioed late this morning (Tuesday) that his plane was icing
up and losing altitude. That plane was thought to be some 50 miles
northwest of Casper.
It's unclear what the weather conditions were when the plane
lost contact. But the National Weather Service issued a winter
storm warning for that area this morning.