Search For President Called Off

Laramie, Wy – University of Wyoming trustees have called
off the search for a president of U-W and at least for now are
keeping Tom Buchanan on as interim president.
There is no word on when -- or if -- the search process might
The trustees voted by conference call today (Thursday) to keep
Buchanan on through his current contract, which ends either June
30th or when a new president is named.
Buchanan was the only candidate left this week after the other
two finalists bowed out.
North Dakota State University President Joseph Chapman dropped
out Monday, followed by University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Chancellor Loren Crabtree on Tuesday.
Those withdrawals came two weeks after trustees named Buchanan
as a finalist.
The trustees went against a search committee that did NOT
include Buchanan among its three recommended finalists. At the same
time, faculty members gathered some 300 signatures in support of
considering Buchanan in the last phase of the selection process.