Sec. Maxfield warns about snail mail scam

Apr 10, 2012

The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office is warning businesses to be on guard against a fraudulent solicitation letter that appears to be a government document.

Businesses in other states, including Colorado, have received what appears to be an Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement, asking them to fill out information and pay a fee in order to comply with state and federal law.

Secretary of State Max Maxfield says the form might look like an official government document, bear an official-looking seal, and quote other laws.

“But we want you to know that this is a scam. And even know that, it has no happened in Wyoming yet, it has come as close as Colorado, and my office want sot be proactive in warning Wyoming businesses before they’re taken advantage of.”

Maxfield says a document could be a fraud if it bears a Corporate Identification Number that does not match the one issued by a state or federal agency. He adds that any business that receives a questionable letter should call the Secretary of State’s office.