Second Candidate Withdraws

Laramie, Wy – University of Tennessee Chancellor Loren
Crabtree has withdrawn his name from the search for a president of
the University of Wyoming.
Crabtree's withdrawal leaves only interim U-W President Tom
Buchanan in the running in the current search process for U-W
Joseph Chapman, president of North Dakota State University, was
the other candidate picked by the search committee. Chapman decided
on Monday to withdraw his name from contention.
Crabtree said today that he had given the prospect of pursuing
the U-W job much difficult thought and discussion with family and
friends. But said he had reaffirmed his conviction that the
University of Tennessee is where he wants to serve.
Crabtree said the opportunity to be nearer grandchildren and
family was a significant lure. But he said continuing his work
building a great public university at U-T was even more compelling.