Second Hand Smoke Harms

Cheyenne, Wy – An anti-smoking advocate says a new
federal report on the hazards of second-hand smoke should help spur
more Wyoming cities and towns to ban smoking in public places.
Jan Drury of the American Heart Association in Wyoming says she
believes more communities in the state will seek to become
The city of Cheyenne recently became the second city in the
state to ban smoking in most public places. Opponents of the
ordinance are seeking to stop it and put it to a vote in November.
Laramie has been living under a city-wide smoking ban in most
public places for just over a year.
Arguments presented by opponents of smoking bans in Laramie and
Cheyenne include the claim that nonsmokers can be safely separated
from smokers in the same building.
But state Health Department Director Doctor Brent Sherard says a
U-S surgeon general's report released today (Tuesday) clearly
determined that's not true.
The state Health Department offers a program to help people who
want to quit smoking.