Second Wyoming Herd Infected

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming will lose its brucellosis-free status following today's announcement of a second case. Six cattle at a feedlot in Worland tested positive for brucellosis this week. Those cows were sold out of the same Sublette County herd where the disease was found in November. But because they changed hands, they are now considered to be from a different herd and a second case. Logan says he would not necessarily say the discovery is "devastating" to Wyoming's cattle industry. But he says it's a blow to the industry and will cause hardship. It will take a few weeks until the federal government officially revokes Wyoming's brucellosis-free status. Losing that standing means ranchers will need to test for brucellosis 30 days before they can sell most cattle. This restriction is similar to the emergency testing rules that were passed by the State Livestock Board, but those rules were just for female breeding cattle. The federal restriction applies to all sexually intact cattle, 18 months or older, that are not going directly to slaughter.